Deposit Options

Online: You may deposit money onto your GOCard anytime by simply clicking the quick link above,"Add Money". Visa & Master cards are accepted.

Transferring Funds: You may now transfer up to $1,500 per semester of your Student Account Refund to your GOCard Debit Dollars Account. No waiting for a refund in the mail or for the funds to be available from your bank. Refunds are available to students with a credit balance, which is represented on the student bill with a negative value in the 'Account Balance' field. A negative balance in the 'Current Due' field can represent pending aid, and does not guarantee a refundable balance. Student account transfers to GOCard can be requested by emailing or by visiting Student Accounts in the lower level of White Gravenor.

Direct Deposit coming soon! Please check back on August 1st, 2015.

Departmental Account: A Departmental Account is a shared GOCard account used by an assigned group of people for Departmental GOCard purchases. All Georgetown departments may apply for a Departmental Account by simply completing the Departmental account form.

Deposit Stations: Once you’ve arrived on campus you may also use our “Deposit Stations” and add cash to your GOCard. There are 5 stations conveniently located on the campus. View a map of all deposit station locations on the Main/Med campus. List of all GOCard Deposit Stations on Main/Medical campus.