For your utmost convenience, the GOCard Office has introduced an Online GOCard Office, which allows for secure deposits. You can use your Visa or MasterCard to make deposits directly into your account. Deposits made through the GOCard Website will be available immediately upon completion of a valid transaction and will be protected by our secure server. Meanwhile, deposits may also be made with cash at various Deposit Stations around campus. See the locations on these maps.

Requests for transfer between the debit and flex dollar account must be made within seven days of the deposit. Requests made after seven days will not be processed. Additionally, transfers cannot take place if the full-deposited amount is no longer available.

Direct Deposit Program

If you are a faculty or staff member you may enroll in the  “GOCard Direct Deposit Program”! Faculty & Staff can now deposit funds to their GOCard with “DirectDeposit”! It has never been easier for you to put money onto your GOCard without handling cash or filling out unnecessary paperwork. To sign up for direct deposit, go to, login, and select benefits. If you are a new faculty or staff member, you will be prompted to accept or deny the option for direct deposit as part of filling out your employment benefits. 

If you:  

  • Are tired of caring cash to pay for purchases on and around campus? 
  • Find the deposit station locations to be less than convenient? 
  • Want to take advantage of the Merchant Discount program

Then sign up today for the GOCard Direct Deposit Program so each pay period, your pre-determined amount will be automatically transferred to your GOCard Debit Dollar account. 

For a complete list of participating Merchants:

If you would like to change your direct deposit withdrawals, or no longer wish to enroll into the Direct Deposit Program, follow the below listed steps to update your account. Changes are reflected with the following pay-cycle.

  • From the GMS homepage, click on the Benefits icon
  • Click on Benefits in the Change window
  • From the Benefit Event-Type drop-down list, select GOCard Debit Dollar Benefit
  • ​Enter the effective date of the change in the Benefits Effective Date field
  • Click on the Submit button, and then click on the Open button
  • ​For changes to the deduction amount, make sure the Elect radio button is checked and enter the pay period deduction amount desired 
  • ​To stop the deduction, click the Waive radio button
  • Click the Continue button
  • Click to Check the I Agree box
  • Click Submit