You should deactivate your GOCard as soon as possible upon discovering that it is missing. This can be accomplished in several convenient ways. You can visit our online card office 24 hours a day. In case an of emergency when you do not have web access, you may deactivate your GOCard 24 hours, 7 days per week by calling Department of Public Safety at (202) 662-9325. Once deactivated, no one will be able to use your GOCard. When you obtain your new GOCard, your Debit Account balance will be available immediately. A lost card does not mean lost money, if it is reported promptly. Refer to the GOCard Terms and Conditions for further details on lost and stolen cards.

New: You can now also re-activate your lost or stolen GOCard, by visiting our online card office!

If you have linked your GOCard with your PNC account please see these instructions!

For all the details about our Temporary GOCard policies.
You can obtain a temporary GOCard during regular operating hours. Click here for GOCard Office hours and locations.