First GOCard

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Your First GOCard

Welcome to Georgetown. Below you will find information on how to get your GOCard, how to submit your photo for your GOCard, Deposit features and options, PNC linking features and how you can sign up for discounts.

We hope you have already submitted a photo of yourself for your Georgetown GOCard. If you did not submit your photo, please review our Photo Requirements and submit your photo at least 30 days before your arrival to campus, by emailing it with your name, NetID and Program name to:

Main Campus (If you will pick up your GOCard on the Main campus) 

Law Campus (If you will pick up your GOCard on the Law campus) 

School of Continued Education (If you will pick up your GOCard on the SCS campus)


New Student, Faculty or Staff Member

Once the Registrar's / Provost office or your University Department has entered your information into the Student or Human Resources system, your GOCard can be produced. If you need access prior to the beginning of the term, please communicate with your department contact about acquiring a NETID. You may check your status by visiting the Georgetown directory and enter your name into the search box. Once you are listed in the directory or if you have received your NetID, you can stop by the GOCard office and have your picture taken.

You will receive your GOCard when you arrive on campus. Please make sure to bring a government issued Photo ID with you. We do not mail out any GOCards. Your GOCard must be picked up in person and a valid ID such as driver's license, government issued ID, military ID, or passport must be provided. [If you are part of an off-campus program or if you are only enrolled in credit distance learning courses and you need a GOCard, please contact your program coordinator about facilitating that exchange.]

So what is  GOCard? The Georgetown University GOCard is your Georgetown One Card and is your one card solution on and off campus. Sure, it is your official ID card, but it also has great added conveniences guaranteed to make your life easier! Please review all the great benefits this card offers.

What is the best way to make a deposit onto the GOCard debit account? The best way is to use Online card office site. By using this website, you can add funds to your GOCard account, check your GOCard balance and view your recent transactions. Your parents can even add funds through the “Guest Deposit” option. The funds will be available as soon as you obtain your GOCard. Your account will be credited and ready for you to use when you receive your GOCard.

What is the average deposit made to the GOCard debit account? Below please find our recommendations on how much money to deposit to your GOCard per semester. Please be advised that the actual usage will vary by individual.

Suggested deposits per semester:

  • Books                                                  $500   -   $700
  • Supplies                                              $100   -   $150
  • Photocopying/Printing                    $40   -   $125
  • Laundry                                               $125   -   $175
  • Off Campus Dining                           $150   -   $200

PNC Bank has now partnered with GOCard!                                                                                                      

This means if you have a PNC Bank account you can use your GOCard as your PNC debit card and your GOCard acts as a PNC ATM card. By linking your PNC Bank account to your GOCard you can use your Georgetown One Card for many of the PNC debit card services. There's no cost for this service and you get the convenience of carrying one card around campus. More information

Student Advantage

All students, faculty, and staff have the option of including all the benefits of the Student Advantage Discount program onto their GOCard. With Student Advantage, you will not only save nationally at places like Amtrak, and Foot Locker, you can also save at locations around the Georgetown campus including the new AMC Theatres! Sign up online!

There you have it! Some big features on a little card! If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact the GOCard office at 202-687-2700 and we will be happy to assist you.