Your Access

Most access is automatically assigned to your GOCard, which includes access to the Residence Halls, the Dining Hall, Academic Buildings, Yates Field House, Computer Labs, Parking & the Library. The access is assigned according to your eligibility.

If you require access to a secure campus location, please send the following details to:

  • Building/room information
  • Your name and University ID number
  • Date(s) and time(s) the access is needed
  • Purpose of the access request

We will forward your request to the responsible contact and upon their approval assign the access to your GOCard.

If you wish to sign up for employee parking, please contact the Office of Transportation Management (OTM) at 202-687-4372, or e-mail:

Your GOCard is your key, your checkbook and your identity. 
Protect it! Don’t loan or lose it!