Dining Plan Account

Your GOCard is also your dining card. Dining Services is pleased to offer a dining plan program that is convenient, flexible and offers a significant cost savings for students and interns. If you wish to sign up for a dining plan,  you can see available Dining Plan options here.

Please make sure to review your meal plan, as no refunds, changes or cancellations will be granted after the Meal Plan change cutoff date (changes are only allowed during the first two weeks of each semester).  All changes, cancellations must be made at: Myaccess.georgetown.edu

Please make sure to review the change, cancellation & refund policy before you make any changes.

IMPORTANT – Before you change your Dining plan please read the following:
The Flex Dollars that come with the purchase of the 18, 14 and 10 Meal Plans, or the Block 180, Block 135 and Block 60, are nonrefundable. If a 18, 14, or 10 Meal Plan, or Block 180, Block 135 or Block 60 is canceled or switched to another plan, the Flex Dollars are not refunded, and remain available in your flex dollar account for use throughout the semester. The Flex Dollars that come with the purchase of any new plan will be added to your Flex Dollar account. Flex Dollar balances will not be carried over between semesters.

As an example:
If your original meal plan is the 18 meal plan with $220.00 in Flex Dollars, and then you change it to a 14 meal plan with $75.00 Flex Dollars, this means you will have $295 flex dollars to spend by the end of the semester. Again, flex dollars are non-refundable and keep accumulating with every meal plan purchase/change.


What are Flex Dollars?
How do I change or cancel my Dining plan?