Where Can I Use My Mobile Credential?

Where can I use my Mobile Credential? (last updated 3/16/2021)

  • All Law Center
  • Beverage Vending (iPhone support only, android support mid/late 2021)
  • Bookstore
  • Copy/Print – currently free printing that does not require card access
  • Dining Hall
  • Door Access (Undergraduate student spaces)
  • Fitness Centers
  • Laundry
  • Libraries
  • On-campus point of sale (Epicurean, Bulldog Tavern, Leavey Center)
  • Off-campus point of sale – See https://acceptinglocations.com/gocard/ (new window)

Where can I NOT use my Mobile Credential?

  • Door Access (Faculty/Staff) – No eta/out of scope  
  • Medical Center (Faculty/Staff) – No eta/out of scope
  • Parking  (Faculty/Staff) – No eta/out of scope
  • Snack Vending – eta mid/late 2021

Main Campus

Law Campus