Error Resolution with Merchants

Errors on receipts from on and off-campus Merchants should be first addressed with that Merchant. In addition, if Cardholder is unable to resolve error with the Merchant, follow the steps below:

  • Errors on receipts must be reported to the GOCard Office no later than 60 days after the error appears. Errors that are reported orally must be followed by a written notification within 10 business days.
  • Cardholder name, identification number, transaction description, transaction date and dollar amount must be provided when errors are reported.
  • The GOCard Office will investigate recorded errors. The results of the investigation will ordinarily be made available within 10 business days of notification; however, if needed the University may take up to 45 days to conduct the investigation.
  • The GOCard Office will correct errors within 24 hours of determination and Cardholders will be notified. If no error is found, a written explanation will be provided within 3 business days after the close of the investigation.
  • In the event a Merchant places a hold or deducts an amount different from the amount of purchase(s), the GOCard Office will work with the Cardholder and the Merchant to address the discrepancy.
  • Copies of any documentation considered by the University during the investigation will be provided upon written request.