GOCard Information for Faculty and Staff

Uploading a Photo

To start the process of getting your GOCard, you’ll need to upload a valid photo for your GOCard at least 3 days prior to your arrival. Just log in at the GU360 Web site, then click on GOCard Photo Upload. (Note: You’ll see this option only if you’re missing a GOCard photo or you qualify for a Mobile GOCard.) Make sure to review our requirements for GOCard photo submission.

Mobile GOCard

New faculty and staff at the Law Center, as well as student employees at the Main Campus, Law Center, and School of Continuing Studies receive Mobile GOCard (Georgetown’s virtual ID card on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android mobile device).

Click here for additional information about getting and setting up Mobile GOCard.

Physical GOCard

New faculty and staff at the Main Campus, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Health Studies, and Biomedical Graduate Education receive a physical GOCard by visiting the appropriate GOCard Office location.