Lost or Stolen GOCard

Lost or stolen cards must be immediately disabled via the the online card office or the Transact eAccounts mobile app.

The replacement fee for a lost, stolen, or damaged physical card is $25. However, if you change your status (e.g., from student to staff), you can get a replacement card for free. (Make sure to bring your old card with you to avoid the $25 replacement charge.)

Students, faculty, and staff need to pay for the replacement fee via credit card and then visit the GOCard office.

Replacement of GOCard mobile ID is available free of charge. Simply log into your apple or android wallet profile and disable your previous phone, then claim a new ID on your new phone.

If you have temporarily misplaced your GOCard, you have the option of obtaining a Temporary GOCard to use for up to 7 days, free of charge. Only limited quantities of Temporary GOCards are produced for each location, therefore availability is not guaranteed. There is a separate $25 charge for a lost, stolen, or not returned Temporary GOCard. Click here for more information regarding Temporary GOCards.

Click here on what to do if you’ve linked your GOCard with your PNC account.