Temporary GOCard

If your GOCard is misplaced, and can be recovered at a later time, a Temporary GOCard may be obtained free of charge. A Temporary GOCard will deactivate the existing GOCard, but will have the same access rights and balances. A valid government issued photo ID must be presented to obtain and to use the Temporary GOCard.

Temporary GOCards are active for up to 7 days and must be returned within the 7 days period to the Main, SCS downtown Campus or to the GOCard Law Satellite office. If a Temporary GOCard is lost or not returned, a $30 replacement fee will be charged. Some merchants may decline to accept Temporary GOCards. It’s always good to verify beforehand. Only limited quantities of Temporary GOCards are produced for each location, therefore availability is not guaranteed.

You can obtain a temporary GOCard at any GOCard Office location.

Temporary GOCard FAQs