Shortages/Negative Amounts

It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to keep track of spending, in the GOCard Debit Account Program. If the Cardholder attempts to use the Account when there in not enough funds in the GOCard Debit Account, the transaction will not be approved. However, should the rare occasion arise when, due to a systems problem or otherwise, a purchase occurs with not enough funds in the GOCard Debit Account (creating a “shortage” or “negative amount”), the “owed” funds will automatically be deducted from the next deposit.

Alternatively, the GOCard Office will bill for a negative balance that is on the system for more than five days and assess a $15 fee. The GOCard Office is entitled to freeze any funds remaining in a GOCard Debit Account in the event a check or credit card charge submitted to us in payment is returned unpaid. Repeated cases of shortages or negative amounts will be grounds for cancellation of participation in the GOCard Debit Account Program.

In the event the University must retain a collection agency to collect negative amounts from the Cardholder, the Cardholder may be assessed, in addition to the negative amount, administrative fees of the greater of $25 or 15% of such amounts, plus any applicable interest as permitted by law.