Flex Dollar Account

Flex Dollars come with the purchase of certain weekly and block meal plans.  Flex dollars provide dining alternatives for meal plan participants.  Students may use their Flex dollars at the following Flex dollar locations. 

It is important to remember that Flex dollars are not refundable, or exchangeable, after the meal plan becomes available for use each semester. Flex dollars must be used within each semester, and do not roll over between semesters, including add-on flex dollars (from your personal funds).

IMPORTANT – Before you change your Dining plan please read the following: When switching meal plans during the add/drop period, you will be charged a pro-rated fee for the weekly and all access meal plans. If switching from a block plan, you will be charged for the meals consumed while the plan was active.

Any Flex Dollars that come with meal plans are non-refundable. If a meal plan is canceled or switched to another plan, the Flex Dollars remain in your account for use throughout the semester. In addition, the Flex Dollars that come with the purchase of any new plan will be added to your Flex Dollar account. Flex Dollar balances will -not- be carried over between semesters.

As an example:
If your original meal plan is the All Access 7 with $500 Flex Dollars, and then you change it to a 14 meal plan with $250.00 Flex Dollars, you will have $750 flex dollars to spend for the semester. Again, flex dollars are non-refundable and keep accumulating with every meal plan purchase/change.

Note: This account is separate from the Debit Dollar Account.